So my players just finished killing a bunch of cockatrices. In case you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re basically bird-lizard-bat things with a petrifying bite, that’s the size of a chicken. I have them make a perception check which they both pass.
DM: “Okay, you see a bunch of tiny cockatrices that had been hanging around the edges scatter off, to hide in cracks and crevices.”
Half Elf Warlock: “Oh, can I catch one?”
Dwarf Barbarian: “Me, too.”
DM: “Uh, okay, you can try…”
Now here in my head I’m thinking this needs to be a very challenging check because they just killed the other cockatrices. So I give it a DC 15 which needs to be passed 3 times.
Warlock: “Okay, I’ll go first. Actually wait, he has better animal handling than me. You go.”
Barbarian: “Okay.”
DM: “Okay so roll animal handling, this is the first check of three.”
Barbarian: *Rolls a Nat 20* “Yes!”
DM: *I kinda stare at it dumbfounded for a second* “Uh, I dunno if I’m gonna give you two successes or advantage on the next check… Let’s go with advantage.”
Barbarian: *proceeds with his checks, lucky I gave him advantage because in each he rolled one really low but his advantage allowed him to pass*
DM: “Okay, uh, you’re gonna need to leash it for a few days, do you have rope?”
Barbarian: “I don’t know.”
Warlock: “I have rope.”
DM: “So, you’ll lend it to him?”
Warlock: “Sure.”
Barbarian: “Thanks.”
Warlock: “Oh wait, can I see if I can get one now.”
DM: “Well most of the babies have run away, but if you want to see if you can find an egg, roll nature.”
Warlock: *rolls a 3* “Darn.”
DM, to the Barbarian: “Okay if you want to keep your death chicken, you’ll have to keep it leashed for the next five days and go an additional nature check each day. Let’s go ahead and roll those 5 checks now. Since you passed the initial checks, you no longer have advantage, but these are easier to pass.”
Barbarian: “Okay.” *rolls another Nat 20*
DM: *facepalms* “Okay, I guess you do get advantage.”
Barbarian: *succeeds all the checks*
DM: “Okay, well I guess you are now the proud owner of a tiny death chicken.”

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