Man I am just gonna have to accept that I missed a bunch of shit on Tumblr and I’m not gonna catch up

I’m just too tired to go through all of this

If I miss more than a day, I don’t bother. I just check the blogs of friends and be done with it




Can someone hook me up when a 720p torrent of Season 5 finally pops up?

I get all mine from here (then buy the DVDs when they eventually come out)

I’m holding for US blu-ray releases because I feel like buying the show in anything but HD would be a disservice to the beautiful animation (and I don’t buy anything but games digitally)

Speaking of which, I should look into the getting the BRs of the first two EqG movies (for some reason the third seems to be DVD-only) 

I think we’re only getting DVD for all of it here.
I’ll have to look into it, I wasn’t aware of a BD release, here’s hoping I guess




Kinda fucks my mind that you can drive for 20 hours through America and still be in the same state.

If I drove for 20 hours here I’d be in the sea.

Try not to think about Australia then 😛

It’s okay no one thinks about Australia.

Only because everything wanting to kill you is so intimidating 😛








The 8 Stages of Living Alone by Heidi Lux@noobtheloser

No people is the best people.

More by Heidi Lux

I ilustrated this. 

edit: Apparently I need to clarify! I am literally a CollegeHumor employee. I am on their staff as an illustrator. They didn’t steal this. LOL

This shouldn’t be arousing to me

@chefpyro your number count’s at 2 cats, right?

This is deeply discomforting.

Do you watch 30 Rock and masturbate?

that’s private