Why should I care about “good” cops? Who gets congratulated for doing their job right?

“Thank you, officer, for not shooting me in broad daylight. You’re the real MVP.”

Or like

 "thanks officer, for saving me from my abusive ex boyfriend even though domestic calls are the most dangerous ones to answer considering even though I called you, I might turn on you.”

 Or maybe “thanks officer, for showing up to my minor auto collision with your lights on so no one else would crush my to death while I stupidly stood between two cars on the highway.”

 Perhaps even “I think he’s got a gun. Help" 

 "My crack addict mom is beating me again”

 "I don’t want to get him into any trouble but my dad started touching my sister"

 So yeah. Cops that do that your job and put there lives on the line for your ungrateful ass should be thanked.


People on Tumblr have this attitude of chastising an entire group of people for what a few do wrong, but point out the ones who are doing it right and suddenly they refuse to be grateful, because “well it’s what you’re SUPPOSED to do!”




I call this People in Red Shorts Falling Off Buildings and Being Aimed at By Guns

By far the best Russian meme

No, you don’t understand. All these photos are staged. For a while it was the hot new trend in Russia to hang on the outside of a building clad only in red underwear while somebody pretended to be about to shoot you. Like planking, only more russian.