Bit of a long one, this one!

For context’s sake, my dear little cousin wanted me to draw her a story for her, and so I decided to illustrate a short, wordless story about her dear little dog. Because I’d been in a bit of a drawing rut for a long time, doing this for someone in the family that’s so important to us got me feeling motivated and get me to create something sweet and funny for her to enjoy.

And I hope you guys do, too~

Done with pen & ink on card, A5
Touched up in Photoshop

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These quotes are all from the same campaign, with the dwarf in question being the summoner with the “rockin’ awesome ginger beard” from a previous story. Some may be paraphrased.

Dwarf: “I open the door.”

DM: “Okay, you–”

Dwarf: “With my beard.”

DM: “–break your jaw.”

Dwarf: “What stats does my beard get, anyways?”

DM: “You can’t stat your beard out as a separate character!”

Dwarf: “…are you sure?”

Dwarf: “If I summon an owl fast enough, does it count as a throwing weapon?”

DM: *solely because he won’t stop asking* “…I’m going to regret this, but yes.”

Dwarf: “If I give him a pointy helmet, does he do piercing damage?”

DM: *regretting*

Dwarf: “I call upon divine intervention to make the suicidal paladin immortal!”

Dwarf, to tiny-size mage: “Hey, I bet you’re small enough to ride my owl!”

Rogue: “You hippogryph’d an entire town!?

Dwarf: “It was an accident.”

Come here often?

the ranger to a mysterious hooded figure after rolling a nat 1 for perception, later discovered to be a broomstick with a cloak draped over it