Those Other Bastards: Party Hard


Just prior to purchasing the barrel of Ron (which has by now become a staple of our lore) my rogue seduced a sailor away from the prostitute he’d been chatting up, and they were at the bar when the barrel came out.

DM: “The barkeep taps the keg, and pours out just the tiniest bit of liquid into everyone’s glass. It’s a dark liq–”

Me: “I drink it.”

DM: “…okay, so, Marius and the sailor, without a moment’s hesitation, both knock back their drinks. They immediately pass out on the floor with the hardest boners they’ve had in their lives.”

The sailor and I were dragged up to a room above the bar, and our mage cast Lesser Restoration on us – but leaving us with the erections. I had to leave right after that, and arrived at the next session late, so we determined that Marius and the sailor were screwing for the entire six hours that passed in-game.

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