I have officially completed all of my commissions.

I am opening requests since I’m not receiving commissions currently, but will only be doing certain things. I will be doing:

– Gala outfits
– Candied versions
– Regular Poni sketches
– custom ponysonas*

you can request via my itty bitty ask box. make sure to link me a reference of your pon!

I also do furries (and will try-!) to do humans. c:

* for the ponysonas I will need a picture of you too. Please note that the picture won’t be shared with anyone and only I will see it. If you’re not comfortable with sending me one -describe yourself to the best of your abilities! We’ll figure something out.

Please note that I will not be doing everyone’s requests.

If you’re interested gimme a little reblog. c: Thanks guys.




I remember a while ago someone was interested in the pirate version of the Shia LaBeouf song that I mentioned so I finally got my shit together and took a video of it. It’s pretty brilliant.


There was no way I was not going to share this piratical version of That song. You know of what I speak.

took all day, but  I’m mostly done.
a few more things to put up, then a lot of extra cleaning elsewhere over the next couple of days.

Overall happy with it (though a bit miffed I couldn’t get the shelves to line up. but such is life)