wait… why does the american internet cost like… 55 bucks??








with all this net neutrality stuff ive discovered that NORMALLY internet in the us costs like 55 bucks per month? what the fuck? yall are already getting ripped off like crazy holy shit im getting fiber-optic internet for 25€ over here 

$55 a month? Ha! No, it’s much more. Comcast, Verizon, AT&T love to stick it to Americans, and overcharge for internet.

dear god its just like the medicine/drugs bs again… i think ive seen people say 10ml of insulin cost them 275$ when here it barely costs 15€ AND most of it usually doesnt have to be paid because of our healthcare system. jesus i hope i never have to work in the US, what a fucking nightmare it looks for you guys


I pay? More than $80??? The entire country is a scam tbqfh

People are finally starting to realize that America has been a Corporatocracy all along

I pay 40 euro for a 

400Mbit/s line with no bandwidth caps and toggleable static IP, plus two phonelines with free calls anywhere inside the country.

It really irks me that people point out that you earn more in the US as being its big “plus”, when utilities, insurance, and healthcare just take away the difference and then some. Nevermind that “getting by” in the EU/Aus/Canada means “can’t afford certain commodities” while in the US it means “still not in a homeless shelter”.

I pay $70/month for an ADSL connection that struggles to download at 1mb/s, and $150 for a wireless broadband connection with an 80gb limit.

I’d kill a fibre connection, but seeing as the liberal party fucked over the NBN, my best hope is some obsolete crap. Otherwise known as fttn, or VDSL..

Tumblr app: you have notifications you haven’t viewed. Good luck finding them, because I’m not going to tell you which blogs they’re on, and then I won’t clear the alert, even after you’ve viewed them multiple times!




“hey can I make fanart for your fic?”


“hey can I make fic for your fanart?”


“hey can I-”

the answer is yes and I’m probably screaming on my end of the computer because someone thinks my stuff is cool so please send me the thing you make


Also, “Can I write something in your AU?” or “Can I just randomly write or draw something as a gift for you?” or really anything that shows your appreciation for what I wrote/drew. YES YES YES THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES.



If you shoplift don’t reblog posts about respecting retail workers doing holiday seasons. 

It’s very clear you don’t respect them if you’re willing to ignore the fact that they say they risk being laid off, having fewer hours, etc. as a result of people shoplifting. You are fucking over someone’s livelihood. 

I’ve started taking photos of stolen merchandise I find around our store (empty boxes, torn open packaging, etc).

That money literally comes out of my paycheck. I’m struggling to pay my mortgage and still be able to feed myself, let alone my bills, medication, or even just A Nice Thing every once in a while.

(All of that is from two or three days, by the way. I could go on.)

If you shoplift, or condone shoplifting, go fuck yourself. Don’t fucking pretend you care about respecting me or anyone else working retail this holiday season, or ever. You clearly don’t.

Well, that’s my excitement for the month…

One of the guys collapsed in the hallway entering the dining room.

Suspected heart attack. He’ll probably be flown out to Port Hedland by the RFDS tonight.