CAMPAIGN: Get Picarto.TV into Discord!

Today, we got informed about a simple voting on Discord to get Picarto.TV integration for all Discord users. Now we need your HELP to make this happen!

You can vote up for this feature at: https://goo.gl/AWyUg5

Please help us to get Picarto.TV into the feature set of Discord! This would be awesome and a benefit for all Picarto users who also use Discord. 🙂


Among all REBLOGGERS of this post we will raffle off
10 PREMIUM accounts (lasting 12 months).
The deadline will be the 10th of May 2017!
One more thing: Tumblr and Discord are not hosting this challenge.

So please reblog this post and vote up with the link above.
We would highly appreciate your effort! :3

Your Picarto.TV team



Pics from yesterday’s trip. Anyone know what the snake is? Coworker said its species earlier today but I’ve forgotten. Also, morel and spring peeper (so cute).

Also a weird berry-flower lookin’ thing, idk what it is.

@aspect-rei Any idea what kind of snake that is bro?

Nope, since I really only have experience with Western Australian snakes.
Though another person commented that it may be a type of rat snake? (We don’t get them here​, so I dunno)


Your Druid is sneaking through the camp site and a few soldiers start walking towards her general direction.

Druid: Uhh, I turn into a tree.

DM: The camp you’re sneaking through is in the middle of an open field.

Druid: Shit. I’ll turn into a tree anyway.

Soldier: Hey, has that tree always been there?

Druid: I’ve been here for weeks.

DM: Roll to bluff.

Druid: Nat 20

Soldier: Well the tree would know better than us I suppose.