I caved. Here it is! A Day earlier then promised <3

I Hope you guys like it! Some really talented people dedicated their skills to make this film happen. This is my favorite song, and I wanted to try to express how vibrant and inspiring it is to me through animation.

Enjoy werewolves and catchy tunes!


Well, the Youtube version got taken down 8C So here is the Vimeo version, and I think vimeo is a lot more respectful of letting animators use songs. I actually am shocked the YT one got yanked so fast. The past WIPs are still up, and I actually edited the song a lot, people can’t just rip my video and have a nice perfect in tact song, so…..Idk? I’m so sorry if you haven’t yet seen it, Try sharing this one!

Reblogging because of that annoying youtube thing. It’s unfortunate but at least there is the Vimeo!