Name Your Price + Polished Commissions Available!


I’m almost done with my last batch of commissions, so now I’m opening slots for next month’s commissions!


Starting now until 10:00pm (PST) slots are open!

Here’s how it works:

Send an email to

Offer whatever price you want within the price limits below.

Include a reference of up to two characters
and a small bit of info on them. (Simple meaning like their basic
personality, occupation, etc. I have a hard time reading long bios, so
summarize them if you can, I would appreciate that)

I can also design or create characters if you do not have a reference or want to just let me create a mystery adopt for you.

Ask about character reference sheets if you want one, minimum $15

I will take any species but might reject anything too complex like detailed robots.

DO NOT PAY until I respond to you with payment info!

will then draw a single image with a quality reflecting on the price,
and you agree to allow me to draw what I want with the provided info. (I
will draw your character in whatever way I feel matches their info)

Minimum price: $3

What you get at minimum- A simple sketched headshot

Max Price: $50

What you get: Inked and cell shaded image (Basic background can be discussed)

Polished Commission: (Pony only)

$25 minimum, $50 maximum. PLEASE SPECIFY if you want a polished commission.

What’s a polished commission? Basically, I’ll take your pony and give them a Spinel style makeover. 25 will get you a flat color, 50 will give you a pinup.


Limit: 3 (Yes, you can order more than one, so you can split up an offered price however you want!)

This offer closes at 10:00pm! So get a slot while you can!


Multiple Pokemon Tracking Sites May Have Been Shut Down

At least three websites that permitted Pokémon GO players to track Pokémon spawns through a website may have been shut down as reported by Forbes. Pokévision, Poke Hound, and Poke Bliss all currently have their functionality disabled in one fashion or another.
Niantic’s CEO John Hinke has s…


“I couldn’t leave him there alone, but I had to go, so I was going to ring an ambulance. I told him they could help him feel better. But he was like ‘please, please don’t call them, I’m fine, I just want to walk around for a while, I’m gonna be okay!’ I told him to please let me ring an ambulance, that I wouldn’t sleep knowing he was just walking around alone.”

“He said in that moment that I approached him, he was just about to jump, and those few words saved his life. That they’re still ringing in his head every day.

‘Are you okay?’

“I can’t really understand how these few words could save his life, but he told me, ’Imagine if nobody ever asked you those words…’”