okay…. sooo listen up…

sooo theres this “OLD PIONEER” commission of mine had a big problem with me saying that “my prices had gone up and wants me to give him a discount for all hes/shes done for me…

OKAY!!! first of all… im really thankful that he/she supported me for years and shit like that…. but i higher up my prices cuz my artstyle is not like the old stuffs that i have done before…

sooo…. i was “TRYING” to be nice and shit so i did a discount for being “SUPPORTIVE” for me an giving me money for arts…

second of all.. he/she is being a dick to me for that past 4 years because i fuck up all the time whenever i draw his/her commission… WHICH IS FAIR cuz i fuck it up most of the time… or in his/her head “all of the time….

third of all… youre gonna fucking exploit me and want me to do a god damn discount cuz youre an old commissioner???

nah son…. u aint gonna do that…

this is a public announcement so that they will be the judge.. if im right or fucking wrong in this situation….

TL;DR – basically he/she is been rude for the past 4 years, complaining that i was shit, and thinks that i was all high and mighty that i was being popular thats why i higher up my commission prices.

PS: i aint gonna tell them who dafuq u are and shit cuz im not that kind of a scumbag but i am gonna tell everyone how you act to me and how of a piece of shit you are.

oh… and ALSO… FUCK OFF!!


Yeah, that shit is completely out of line on their part as far as I’m concerned.

Being a regular/long term client, doesn’t entitle one to be able to make such demands of the artist they commission.

Even more so when they’re try to claim that an old piece of art was done bad and should be redone.

That whole conversation from them was absolutely disgusting, and they deserve to be blacklisted as far as I’m concerned

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