Full Images of Examples (Click the words): Sketch, Colored Sketch, Regular Line, Colored Line, Detailed Line, Flat Color, Basic Color, Detailed Color

To Order, Send me an Email to: titled ‘Sin Commission’ and with the following form filled out.

Commission Type: (Sketch, Line, Color, Animation, Etc.)
Commission Type Details: (Basic Line, Detailed Shade, Background, Etc?)
Picture Details: (What do you want the picture to be of?)
Character References: (Either link/attach a picture or give a detailed description of the characters)

Wait until I’ve given you a price and have given confirmation to send payment and where to send it before sending it. I’m only accepting paypal at this time.

Note: Anything NSFW will not be posted here, I have someplace else I post it. You may ask for a link in the email.

I now have only a couple of commissions left so I definitely can take up more now.

I also really need more commissions right now. I haven’t gotten any new ones in aaaaaages 

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