Look, that thing you want to do? Stop being a weenie and just do it. 

Bottom images are from here.

Hey, kids – I see this post making the rounds again, and I’d like to add some additional thoughts that I’ve gained in the 5+ years since originally making this post:

When I originally made this dumb comic in 2013, I was a Graphic Designer for a Radio Station in Ohio. As of this writing in 2018, I am a Storyboard Artist at Warner Bros. Animation. I am now one of “””the professionals””” referenced in the third image. And let me tell you:

…I am still making things up as I go. 

…I still don’t have character turnarounds.

… I have… some worldbuilding done. Not all of it, though. That’s going to be a permanent work in progress. 

…Making the comic is the character study/studies.

…I am still convinced I’m not working hard enough.

…You will never, no matter what you do or how far you go, ever feel like you’re completely ready to do something until you actually do it. 

Trust me. I’m a professional. 

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