i wish my mom would stop getting me christian books I wont read
especially ones written by dudes who are clearly lying hacks if you actually research them
“hhhur i rose a dude from the dead in front of hundreds of people but only 2 people can attest to it and there’s no video evidence”
“i also converted an entire gang of thugs who were originally planning to trash the church, but because they got tinglies in the church it convinced them god was real but of course none of them are going to attest to it”

cuz people totally work that way

look generally speaking the whole christian fantasy of instantly transforming a sinner in to a god-fearing christian doesn’t frikking work like that, it’s gotta take a hell of a life changing situation for that to occur. Atheists and the like don’t just suddenly realize god exists and everything they believed was a lie, they don’t just suddenly drop to their knees crying about how they’ll change just because some knucklehead told them “Jesus died for your sins”

And I hate people who make claims that it works like this because it makes honest christians feel inadequate in comparison. They’ll be inspired at first but when they realize they can’t ‘save’ people as effectively they begin questioning if they are really a good christian or not. I know this because I have seen one too many people get trapped in this feeling of not being as good as the other christians who claim they convert shitty people easier than opening a soda can.

Be a christian, I don’t care, just don’t LIE about healing and saving people to get goodie points, and don’t allow yourself to be gullible to people taking advantage of the religious faith

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