Well crap. The charging port on my tablet is starting to die (I’ve had my tablet plugged in, and it hasn’t been charging, them subsequently shut down a few times now)

Unfortunately, it’s now will out of the extended warranty period Wacom offered for the repairs to the charging port, and from my research, they want $800+ to repair it…

Might as well save a bit more for a new tablet at that price.

I think I’m going to have to attempt a repair myself, which might be tricky here at work, since all of my tools are at home.

Maybe I can get some help with it from the sparky on site..


So looking around, most of the people paying about how they replaced theirs really haven’t created solutions that are worthwhile in my opinion.

However, I eventually came across a forum thread where the poster replaced the jack with a MagSafe jack from a MacBook, and another person provided a run down on how they did it to their cintiq.

So I think I’m going to do the same. Though unlike the person who posted the guide to how they did theirs, I’ll follow the example of the threads op, and put the jack inside the cintiq

(I’ve already ordered a cable and jack)

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