Walking past Serendipity’s cage I glance over and see this pressed against the front of her enclosure, draped partially over a branch, looking very strange and bad.
My heart jumps into my throat and I fling her cage open in panic hoping I’m not too late to help my baby girl.
I tentatively touch her strangely papery skin and her body moves slightly and her little pink face rises up out of the substrate, wearing the tail of what I now recognize as her shed skin across her face like a hoodie.

She had apparently shed and then, deciding that she wasn’t quite done with the old skin, crawled back inside of it, backwards and inside-out, in what is possibly the second-best troll job a snake has ever pulled on me.

Nice prank, Serendipity.  A++ 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lie down for a bit.

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