New Macbooks and Imacs will brick themselves if they think they’re being repaired by an independent technician




Last year, Apple outraged independent technicians when they updated the
Iphone design to prevent third party repair, adding a “feature” that
allowed handsets to detect when their screens had been swapped (even
when they’d been swapped for an original, Apple-manufactured screen) and
refuse to function until they got an official Apple unlock code.

Now, this system has come to the MacBook Pros and Imac Pros, thanks to
the “T2 security chip” which will render systems nonfunctional after
replacing the keyboard, screen, case, or other components, until the a
proprietary Apple “configuration tool” is used to unlock the system.

Apple does not tell its customers that the computers it sells are
designed to punish them for opting to get their property repaired by
independent technicians; the details of the T2 came from a leaked
service manual.

Fuck Apple

Corroboration and more details:

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