Raichu + Electric Pokemon Collection Photos (updated)

With some new Raichu additions all in one week, I redid the photographs of the Electric Pokemon collection in my living room…and included a photo of said Electric Pokemon living room. The other half of the room (my desk and table and kitchen) is more normal without many Pokemon so we’ll just not include the boring half 😀

Since the other half includes my desk, I get to work in this bright room filled with the best Pokemon ever, every day. I have four ferrets who are also free to roam the entire house, as the collection is kept in such a way they cannot get to it to chew it to pieces. Don’t worry, they have Pokemon toys of their own to chew on too 😀

I would love one day to see another room with a similar theme, Pokemon all of one type, or one color, or whatnot. If you know of one or have one yourself……… do share!!!

Thanks for looking 😀