Look away arachnophobes, this awesome rooftop mural might make your skin crawl.

The massive trompe l’oeil, depicting two Opiliones (otherwise known as harvestmen or daddy longlegs) who appear to have overtaken a building, was created on the roof of the Seattle Center Armory (formerly known as the Center House) by local artist and science illustrator Marlin Peterson.  

Marlin was commissioned by the Washington State Artist Trust to create this enormous piece of outdoor artwork. After failing to find a suitably large wall, he began seeking out a large roof and had the brilliant idea to find something easily visible from above. Of course, one of the very best places in Seattle from which to look down is the Seattle Space Needle

Visit Marlin Peterson’s website to view lots more photos of this amazing project and learn about how he created these gigantic creepy-crawlies.

[via Colossal]

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