This made me laugh so dang hard.

that’s almost too cruel


I had to do this once with Privateer II: The Darkening. It gained a bit when he said “I bet you didn’t play it through, I bet somebody just told you how…” and I was able to smile gently and say “God, possibly, since I wrote the game.” And plainly the Deity was with me that day, as I happened to be carrying docs from my UK agent (who’d done the deal) that showed not only that I was the writer, but the five-figure sum I had been paid. …It was a happy day for me. Not so much for him. I’d never had a referent for the word “slink” for a full grown male before. As in “slink away in utter dejection.” I smiled for at least three days without stopping. And am smiling now… I had completely forgotten about this.

Reblogging because “I beat the game” is fantastic, but “I wrote the damn thing” is even better.

What students need isn’t a lecture on abstinence. They need a community that sees sex as about mutual pleasure and intimacy, not point scoring or getting something, and that doesn’t shame or problematize female sexuality. Heterosexual women need male partners who are respectful, generous in bed and emotionally competent, and who treat women like people regardless of whether those women are girlfriends, one-night stands or friends with benefits. Sex, be it in a committed relationship or a more casual arrangement, doesn’t have to be the fraught power play or unpleasant interaction merely tolerated by young women. Sex is sex. Human beings throughout all of history have enjoyed it for very good reason. Consensual, mutually pleasurable sex is, for many people, at the top of their “favorite things” list.



How Big are Galaxies? – Galaxy Size Comparison Charts by Astrophysicist Rhys Taylor

Arecibo astrophysicist Rhys Taylor selected 25 galaxies and illustrated the relative sizes beautifully using images made from NASA and ESA observation missions, including a rendering of our own ordinary little Milky Way at the center for comparison.

Also check out a zoomable chart of the giant galaxy IC 1101, the largest known galaxy — created by scaling up an image of M87, another supersized elliptical galaxy that just happens to be considerably closer to our own and has had clearer images taken of it. But the size is right — IC 1101 really is a beastly galaxy, at an estimated 5.5 billion light-years wide, over 50 Milky Ways could fit across it!

There will be a separate embedded post of the zoomable IC 1101 galaxy chart.