If you’re a non-offending pedophile and you keep yourself far away from anyone you could hurt, are seeking therapy, etc. I think that’s a good thing. I support your efforts.

That being fucking said,

“MAPS”, no, you’re a pedophile. Stop giving it a little acronym name to try and make it less horrifying. “Map positivity” is fucking stupid. “There isnt anything wrong with you/them!!” “Youre not dangerous!!” “You’re not messed up!!” Bullshit. You are attracted to children. There is something wrong with you. Very wrong. You are very dangerous. You should NEVER be around people who you could potentially hurt. You should not “accept” it. See a therapist. Get some help. Something is very wrong with you.

Don’t even get me started on “pro contact” or “being a pedophile is a valid sexuality/lgbt” you all specifically need to die in a fire.

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