Some dick hole tried brake checking me, fucker didnt realise I’m ready to put a motherfucker in the hole today. So I just hit the Jake’s and that’s it. Just loud 78000 thousands pounds of get the fuck out my way. He slammed throttle when he realised I wasnt stopping. Flipped me the bird and left but I won cause I made him fear for his bitchmade life.

My dad drives a rolloff and he has people do all sorts of stupid crap to him on the road,

brake checking him happens way too often, and what’s worse is they don’t know the stopping distance the truck needs

We had a driver get B.C.’d and he went into the trunk of the car one time

Luckily/unluckily a highway patrol officer saw the whole thing and was prepping to pull the dude over before the crash but was too late so the company didn’t have to use its own insurance

A dashcam is literally the best investment in your vehicle you can ever make if you drive for a living. Especially a two channel one (has two cameras, usually to get in front, and behind the vehicle)

I bought one for my car a few years ago, I’d say it’s paid for itself over time. While I’ve had no major incidents personally, ice caught some choice dumb things other drivers have done.

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