Tired of losing your favorite buttons?






I just stumbled upon this awesome post showing a way to keep pinback buttons from falling off of your backpack/purse/etc. using safety pins.

However, it reminded me of another method that I’ve used since high school, and continue to use to this day:  Rubber earring backs.

You know…these things:


I had originally bought a package of them to keep my nose stud from falling out while I slept (it was the “screw” type), but then after losing a button off of my high school backpack, I stumbled upon an even better use for them.

If you place them on the pinback of the button, just ahead of where it closes, the pins can’t slip off.


It doesn’t matter what size or shape the button is.  Also, I happened to find one that wasn’t closed when I went to take pictures:


The earring back basically acts as a rubber stopper.  They’re made specifically to NOT slide off in order to keep earrings in place, so they work just as well keeping buttons in place, even if the buttons aren’t closed.

Considering the backpack that I had in high school…


…I can tell you with complete certainty that rubber earring backs are, bar none, THE best method of making sure you never lose another button ever again.  Also, they’re cheaper than safety pins (which can also pop open, thus allowing the button to slide off) and you won’t have to poke extra holes in whatever you’re putting buttons on. 

Or hell, combine the rubber earring backs WITH the safety pins!  Your buttons will be COMPLETELY UNLOSE-ABLE!

Oh dear gods THANK YOU


So cool but what about those emanel pin buttons?  I have some old ones that like to fall off cause their stopper holders keep on falling off the back.

You mean the kind with the useless metal backs?  You could try putting a rubber earring back on underneath the metal back, but it’s likely there might not be room.

Honestly, if I was 100% certain that I was never going to move the pin to something else, I’d drop a little bit of glue around the metal back.  Otherwise, I’d consider not using it at all, and going with one of those much larger rubber backs (the kind that are just under the size of a euro, and kinda shaped like a classic UFO).  I would make sure to test it first, to see how well it stays on.  But, since they’re made for earrings, they should grip pretty tight on the back of an enamel pin, as the post would be thicker.

If you try it, let me know if it works out for you!

For those pins, you can get locking backs too. they are a bit more pricey, but they’re pretty good. a friend of mine uses them for her huge collection of disney pins.

a quick search on amazon for “pin locking back” brought up a ton of options for me.

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