Maybe a stupid idea, but maybe it already exists



You start a game of DnD with a blank character sheet. Your DM has them all. You only discover stats and things as they become relevant. 

Like, “I rolled 7 on my constitution check”
“You get a +2 bonus so that’s a 9.” 
*Hurriedly marking it down*


“I would like to ask the innkeeper if there is anything weird going on in the area”
“Dragonborn are rare in these parts, so she is suspicious at your approach.”
“Wait I’m a DRAGONBORN?!?”

It would be absolute chaos but for a one-shot I feel it would be fun. Maybe all the characters have amnesia and they have to figure out what they can do from scratch.

It’s not D&D, exactly, but Alas Vegas is a RPG where the characters dig themselves out of shallow graves at the edge of the city and have to figure out who they are and what’s going on.

Notable for: instead of rolling dice, you play blackjack with tarot cards; the position of GM rotates every act so even the GM won’t know everything that’s going on (unless they read ahead where they’re told not to); you gain skills with flashbacks to your former life where you remember a little bit about who you are; you play blackjack with tarot cards

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