New hardware! Upgraded from the Cintiq 24 HD to the Cintiq Pro 24. Went from 1920 to 4K! It’s really fun to draw on it and can’t wait to get back in the groove of things and start shittin out more art.
Made a makeshift backplate to attach the Ergotron arm to the Cintiq, since for some reason it doesn’t come with a stand and it doesn’t have a VESA mount.
If any artists want to ask about Cintiqs or drawing tablets in general because you’re interested in getting one, feel free to message me. I’ve owned or tried almost every drawing surface on the market and could give you some pros/cons of each. This one is probably the most accurate I’ve ever messed with.
While I’m posting pointless non-porn stuff I might as well mention I just got back from a trip to see @candyclops​ and @cryoganix​, and ended up meeting and selling my previous Cintiq to @big-mac-115 and @Fatcakes who were close by. So that’s where I’ve been.

Oh damn that looks sexy

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