I just had a 20 minute conversation explaining to a customer what chicken wings were.

Did you say that they were wings from a chicken? @cheshireinthemiddle

Didnt work

I can imagine the phrase ‘BUT THEY DON’T FLY, HOW CAN THEY HAVE WINGS?!’ being used at least twice

It was worse

Can you please explain in detail how it was worse

Customer: what kind of chicken do you use for your fried chicken wings?

Me: im unsure of the brand, but i can check

Customer: no, what part of the chicken is it?

Me: im sorry?

Customer: like what is it made out of?

Me: they are chicken wings.

Customer: i dont think you understand my question. Is it chicken thigh, or chicken breast?

Me: it is made with chicken wings.

Customer: okay, you arent hearing me. Chicken is sold in different parts. What oart are you selling?

Me: chicken wings. The dish is fried chicken wings. Are you perhaps asking if they are boneless? They arent. They are actual bone in wings.

Customer: Im asking what *type* of chicken it is. You are making this way more difficult than it has to be.

Me: here, our menu has a picture of the dish. These are the chicken wings available today.

Customer: how can i tell what kind of chicken it is if it is covered in brown crunchies?

Me: brown…crunchies? These are certainly chicken wings. You can see the bone here.

Customer: can i speak to the manager? You dont know what youre talking about.

Me: actually i am acting manager until we get a new hire.

Customer: all i want to know is what kind of chicken you are serving.

Me: fried chicken wings.

This went on for 20 whole minutes. She didnt even order the meal.

This is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever read

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