No please

People commenting like we don’t know that Bluetooth headsets exist and like we cling to outdated tech. No, but until that tech is better and more affordable then I’m not interested in being the guinea pig.

To replace a headset if you lose it is much more expensive, and Bluetooth is sill a huge battery suck which means we’ll get less out of our phones.

There are also many, many cars that don’t support Bluetooth but instead have a jack.

People aren’t upset because of silliness or knowing less about tech than you. They have their own legitimate reasons.

As someone who has a bluetooth headset and loves it, I hate the move away from 3,5 jacks on devices.

The sound over wireless is pretty good these days and the battery drain while noticeable isn’t as tragic either, but the removal of the jack is still a money grabbing anti-consumer move.

Apple might make fun of the connector for not having evolved for so long but that’s because it does exactly what we need. Nobody thinks that electrical outlets are bad for not getting an upgrade every five years, that would be silly and make everyone’s lives difficult. This is the same case.

The jack is an universal standard, doesn’t matter if you have cheap earbuds or and expensive set of studio monitors they still use the same connector, you can plug them to your phone, laptop, the plane’s on board entertainment system or your super expensive audiophile set up.

Getting rid of the jack does several things. It drives the cost of the device down. The manufacturer no longer has to include a DAC or an amp. While you pay the same money for your phone, you now have to pay extra for headphones that already have that stuff built in.

It’s also no wonder this has been started by Apple who now owns Beats. The thing about wireless headphones is they need batteries. And batteries only live for so long. And are not replaceable. Yay for being forced to buy new headphones every couple years even if the old set is perfectly fine other than not holding a charge.

I love wireless headphones, not having to deal with cords is great. Being able to do chores around the house listening to music without having to carry your phone is awesome. But people being angry about the demise of the jack without a proper real replacement (not that we needed one in the first place) are not some philistines or luddites. They just see the obviously anti-consumer move designed to screw them over and take more money out of their pockets and are not ready to cheer for that as some sort of a technological win.

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