i understand that ao3 staff have bigger problems on their hands like wrangling code and dealing with harassment campaigns and planning their next vacation but it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to my personal enjoyment that they add one feature and it is this: when looking up an australian character, there needs to be a ticky box to only filter for fics written by australians

junkrat is not a bogan, he’s a derro, also an ocker ratbag, acceptably a larrikin and/or dag, definitely scungy and a bit of a hoon but not a yobbo. i hope this clears things up, thank you for your time

hey quick question what the FUCK does this say

approximate translation:

junkrat is not a trashy working class guy, he’s a guy who looks homeless and possibly is, also a stereotypically Australian type of asshole, acceptably a prankster and/or well-meaning dork, definitely gross and a bit like the kind of guy who drives fast cars yelling for fun but not the kind of loud dumb delinquent who goes around picking fights and trashing things. 

you mean to fucking tell me that wasn’t just a bunch of made up junk to make fun of australian lexicon?

That’s literally how we talk…

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