Indie Sewing Pattern Master List


I’ll update this list as I find new indie pattern makers! Feel free to suggest any additions! 

Here’s a bit of an explanation of the terms I used in this Master Post list:

  • Sewing Patterns = Women’s sewing patterns
  • Sew-Alongs = Blog or Video tutorials that guide you through every step of creating an item from a pattern
  • Tutorials = Short tips and tricks about sewing in general
  • Pattern Add-ons = Instructions on simple modifications or additional detail pattern to a full pattern (Example: Pocket add-on pattern for a blouse or how to modify a wide-leg pattern to skinny leg pattern)
  • Dolls = Human-shaped stuffed toys
  • Stuffed Animals = Animal-shaped stuffed toys
  • Plushie = Video game or Anime inspired stuffed toys

Don’t have time to check every store for a particular pattern? Check out these shops: 

General Sewing Patterns

Historical & Vintage

Stuffed Animals, Dolls, & Plushies

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