On Pre-NDA lift Game updates


Hello everyone!

We just wanted to let people know that folks in the $40 and above tiers
should be seeing a beefy update to the game either tonight or tomorrow,
unless “act of God”-tier catastrophes  (e.g Hurricanes, 8.2 earthquakes,
state-wide fires) intervene, that is. Amongst the customary tweaks,
fixes and features, this next update introduces the first iteration of
single player Arcade Mode to the game, so please give it a try and throw
us some feedback in the Beta sections of the forums. It also contains
the Full Dynamic Music System experience, with all character/stage
variations available to listen to as you pummel ungulates. Then the next
major patch (somewhere this week) will be focusing on introducing
fullscreen mode and screen resolution changes, as well as several QoL
fixes to Pixel Lobby and menu navigation.

All of this in prepration for NDA lift for Backer’s Beta, which will be happening on Friday, September 15.
More information on what NDA lift entails (i.e. what is and what’s not
allowed) will be forthcoming as the lift itself happens.

For the folks that haven’t been able to participate in the closed
Backer’s Beta, NDA lift means you’ll be getting your first-in-a-while
look at all the game progress made since we entered the Beta from people
streaming their experience, making videos and (hopefully!) bringing it
to their local cons and tournaments. You might be noticing some rough
edges here and there, but mechanically, the base game’s mostly there,
and all that remains is filling the graphical blanks and polish the
corners a bit. We’re (as usual), working full time to make sure that

From NDA Lift onwards, we enter the very last bits of development on the
road to the 1.0 public release (the Available-on-Steam launch, that
is), which, unless the aforementioned catastrophes strike (and we hope
they don’t), will be happening before 2017 comes to a close, with DLC 1
(Goat) and Mac/Linux ports coming in the first half of 2018.

We’ve also got some other stuff cookin’, which, if all things align
properly, means good things for TFH in the future, and which we’ll
hopefully be able to tell you guys about a bit closer to 1.0 release.

As always, thanks for sticking with us through all of the game’s development; We hope you like what you see!

– M6.

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