DES MOINES, IA–After exhaustive testing of nearly every style and design on the market, the Callaway 9 Iron was once again named by Golf Digest on Monday the best golf club for smashing in the windshield of a cheating ex. “Factoring in qualities like shatter radius, overhead swing speed, and shock absorption, the Callaway 9 Iron continues to set itself apart as the ideal club to batter the windshield of an unfaithful former lover,” read the highly anticipated study conducted annually for the world’s wronged partners seeking even just the slightest edge to their windshield smashing abilities. “The lightweight shaft and mid-sized clubface offer superior control and force of impact that few competitors can match. Whether the adulterous old flame’s car is parked, moving forward, or skidding away in reverse, no club is better suited to puncture and destroy their windshield than the Callaway 9 Iron.” The magazine’s study also found the Ping Vault to be the best putter for children to pretend to use as a cane while walking around the driveway.

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