help i accidentally created a cleric with a -1 to religion checks how the fuck did i even do that

“hey i just realized, we’ve been on this trip for weeks and i’ve never really seen you praying”

“eh, yeah, i mostly only do that sort of stuff at greengrass and midsummer”

“…. sharindlar literally gives you magical powers. you have a magical tattoo.”

“yeah she’s cool, she knows i’m busy”

religion checks are more about knowledge regarding deities than devotion

“don’t worry, guys, sharindlar will smite the shit outta anyone we need smote, that’s what she’s all about!”

“… isn’t she an avatar of mercy and life?”

“she’s an avatar of shut the hell up”

Character with skill sets that don’t match their class are my favorite thing

When I first started playing Pathfinder I thought “craft” meant like “watercraft” and I gave a ton of it to my Barbarian so I wouldn’t be useless running with the two pirates in our group.

Mid game my DM was like “No… Like… Arts and crafts.”

And I was like “Fuck it he knits, is there any yarn on the ship?”

DM: *Rolls dice* … *Looks up* This shipment is nothing but yarn.

Me: I’m going to knit a sweater.

DM: What’s your craft score again? *Looks at page*………………. Don’t even roll…

DM: So you all pull into port wearing sweaters beautifully knitted by our goddamned Barbarian.

Ragtag group of scoundrels & assassins: Yay!

i generally don’t reblog this post much because if i did that for every example someone reblogged this with i’d spam everyone’s feed, but i love this

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