Idea for a game show: it’s a cooking competition with no recipes, just a lil old granny judge telling the contestants how to make dishes that have been passed down in her family from generation to generation. All the contestants have to follow along as she talks, and her instructions are super vague. There are no actual measurements, just things like “Add the basil. How much, you ask? Just enough.” or “Put it in the oven until it’s done.” Every week it’s a different judge with recipes from all over the world until the finalists must face the Ultimate Grandma™

“-now a pinch of salt.”

“One fourth of a teaspoon or one eight of a teaspoon?”

“No, a pinch.”


10/10 would watch obsessively

this is already how my executive chef dictates recipes. that and he doesn’t know measurements very well, so he’ll do things like say tablespoon when he means teaspoon

This is almost literally how I, and most chefs I know, work.

The only time I follow actual measurements is when I’m baking, otherwise it’s all by eye.

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