Happy and sad news today.

Happy news: All but one of the baby black rat snakes ate their first dinners last night! F5, the first to hatch, declined her meal but it’s normal for them to take a little while to get the hang of Food Goes in the Mouth.

Sad news: The wee egg from Isis and Ponyboy’s clutch did not hatch. The baby was just too tiny and it looks like it tried to pip but wasn’t strong enough and exhausted itself in the effort. I opened the egg and the baby was even tinier than the 2g minisnek that already hatched. I think the egg was just too wee to allow for complete development.

Happy news: All other babes (fourteen in total!) from IP17 are strong and healthy, including minisnek. Three are still eggs with faces and I anticipate that I’ll meet them tonight or tomorrow. The rest are noodling comfortably together, learning important snek skills like Drink The Water and Shakey Tail and Dig With Your Face and Anger Puff.

They’ll be fully fledged Snek Scouts in no time flat!

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