We still need help for the move




Remember, We’ll be moving end of this month/in August and we’ll need help with the costs.

I know outside links on tumblr are kinda borked right now, so if you need a link to our GoFundMe page, just ask.

We’ve got $165 in donations out of the $3000 that we’ll need.

This move effects @jitterbugjive @jestre  @ensayne @rhythmrender and me.

Reminder that we still need financial help for the move!

I’m getting asked how it is we need so much so allow me to break down the costs for y’all:

the average rent of an apartment here is $1400

Next is the deposit which is so far has been quoted equal to the rent so that’s another $1400

Then we’ve got a mover fee because we physically cannot carry our furniture down two flights of stairs on our own nor up how ever many stairs our next place will be and since it was $300 to move across a parking lot (it was the cheapest), we are looking at a good $500-$600 cost.

also pet deposit $400 (that one can be done in payments at some places.

On top of these costs:

Rent of current apartment: estimated at $850 before utilities $1100 after

added up I’ll say $4800 to move.

Now, we have been able to pay the rent and utilities every month so let’s subtract that amount: $4800-$1450= $3350

subtract the $165 donated thus far (and again, thank you so much for that) = $3195

Now, we’ve got $1000 saved up on our own so that knocks us down to needing actually needing $2195

The reason we still asked for as close to $3000 as we can get is because during the time of our move, one person will be working through the full month as the rest of the household will be packing and moving and unpacking which is going to affect the income of the whole house on affording the following month.

We know not everyone can donate. But Everyone CAN share this information and honestly, even a dollar can make a huge difference, y’all.

And to those of y’all that want to help but would also like something in return, did you know @jitterbugjive and @sinsays have stores y’all can buy stuff from? Message them and ask!

There is also commissioning Jitty, Sin, or @ensayne for art!

I will also be setting up a donation stream event towards the end of the month so keep your eyes open for the posting!

Donation link here:


or to anyone’s PayPal. Just note it is a donation and we’ll add it up.

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