Pop quiz




So who knows the first rule when it comes to a chef’s knives in the kitchen?

It’s don’t touch a chefs knives without permission….

One of my kitchenhands grabbed my Chefs knife and tried using it to open a tin of coffee this morning.
Before I yelled at him. Twice (he reached for one of my other knives after I told him off)

Who the hell thinks grabbing an expensive (and fragile, not meant for cutting anything but food) knife to cut metal is a good idea?

As a knife guy the thought makes me cringe.

He wasn’t trying to cut it.

He was trying to pop off the lid, which IMHO makes it worse.
The coffee in the dining room comes in big 1kg tins

something like this

the blade did get a slight amount of damage, fortunately nothing a few runs on the diamond steel can’t fix.

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