The “Predator” Method for Writing Science Fiction Plots:

Step 1: Take a non-scifi plot that is already interesting on its own.

For example, a group of military commandos on a mission to the jungles of Guatemala to rescue politicians held captive by insurgents.


Step 2: Add Predator.


The best part is that this works with literally any genre.

Step 1: Three childhood friends reconnect, one attempting desperately to get the others to discover the dreams of their youth after a lifetime of compromise. Shenanigans and heartfelt life lessons ensue.

Step 2: Add Predator.


Step 1: A rising star in a law firm finds their personal morality challenged by their ambition when a wealthy and guilty client demands they help them evade charges.

Step 2: Add Predator.


Step 1: A group of kids discover a treasure map that promises to lead them to enough wealth that they can keep poor old lady Gladys from getting kicked out of the house by the bank.

Step 2: Add Predator.

The lesson to take from this is that literally every single movie on the planet can be improved with the addition of Predator.

Step 1: Archie Comics

Step 2: Add Predator

Step 1: Alien movie.

Step 2: Add Predat- oh wait.

Predator movie.
Add more predator

You can’t have too much predator

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