Pay what you want commissions


Send me an Email titled “PWYW Com” to

Offer whatever price you want within the price limits below.

Include a reference of up to two characters and a small bit of info on them. (Simple meaning like their basic personality, occupation, etc.)

Let me know if you want the picture to be SFW or NSFW (If NSFW be sure to let me know their sexuality and gender in the basic info)

Let me know if you want me to design a character for you.

Ask about character reference sheets if you want one, minimum $15- It wouldn’t be the same as the one I have a ych for but more like floating drawings.

Can be any species or gender.

I will then draw a single image with a quality reflecting on the price, and you agree to allow me to draw what I want with the provided info. (I will draw your character in whatever way I feel matches their info)

Minimum you can offer to pay is $5.

Tiers: (Base prices to give an idea what you’ll likely get based on what you pay)
$5- Sketch: Click here for example
$10- Lined Flat Color: Click here for example
$20- Basic Shade: Click here for example
$50+- Detailed drawing: Click here for example

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