The final count (though she may yet have one more egg in there. I’m not sure if it’s egg or poo but we’ll see later today.) is 5 good eggs and 5 slugs.
Since this is Melanora’s first clutch ever, I’m not surprised at the low fecundity and I’m very proud of her. She’s relaxing comfortably and her body condition is excellent. She’s looking strong and healthy, unlike some females who look deflated or squeezed out after laying, and she’s bright-eyed and curious and not showing any signs of pain or stress.

In about 65ish days, we’ll be meeting the inhabitants of eggs 1-5.

So what do we do with eggs 6-10, which are unfertilized slugs that will not hatch?

Nemesis demonstrates:


Nothing goes to waste at the OMG Snakes house.

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