September 4, 2018

Dear Tumblr, this is a special operation. We are going to purge the porn bots that follow us. 

Porn bots often have real looking usernames. The reason for this is because those usernames once belonged to real users. Bots hijack usernames as soon as it becomes available (Usernames become available if you change your username or delete your blog). They do this because the username (domain name) has more ‘authority’ than a complete new username. Porn bots rank higher in Google and other search engines because of this higher authority. It also makes them look more real.

But don’t be deceived. Let’s purge those bots! 

How to tell if a blog is a bot:

First go see who follows you on Tumblr. 

A blog is a porn bot when:

  • their profile picture is ‘sexy’ (and sometimes their username and description are the same)
  • They have links on their blog (if they follow you and have links: 10000% bot)

*Do not report empty blogs. There is nothing to report them for and chances are they are normal users that don’t use Tumblr after they created an account. 

How to purge a porn bot


  • Go to their blog
  • Click on the pawn/human icon
  • Click ‘Report’ –> ‘Report spam’ (do not report for sensitive content; porn is allowed on Tumblr)
  • Click ‘Flag & Block’

Mobile App

  • Go to their blog
  • Tap the pawn/human icon
  • Tap ‘report‘
  • ‘Report spam‘

Please, report all the porn bots that follow you. Please reblog this post a few times until September 10! We need to act quickly, because chances are, bot owners will stumble upon this post and then start to mass unfollow or mass delete all the posts on their blog so we can’t identify them, only to start again when the coast is clear. Going through your followers and reporting the bots only takes five minutes and it’s going to have such a positive impact on the community. Your help is greatly appreciated! Let us all UNITE. 


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