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Okay first I have to say that this is in no means meant to be a guilt trip and there are no obligations here, I just need to explain what’s been going on so I can shed more light on the current situation.

I’m having a really crummy Thanksgiving. Fighting with computer issues all morning, don’t really have food and can’t do Thanksgiving stuff until later in the month since we’re missing someone right now.

Recently I was rejected from Thanksgiving by my mom because she
doesn’t think the people she invited would be ‘ready’ to see my
transition, and she’s been going back and forth with me for days now
about trying to understand my transgenderism, trying to find answers and
support because she has nothing but shitty conservative friends, and
trying to convince me to be Christian again even though I have told her
over and over that I have nothing to prove any religion is wrong or
right because they all have the same claims as proof of their being
right and the others being wrong.

I’ve been struggling all year
with trust issues and I haven’t been asking people for help on a lot of
things when I really should have, I could have made more time for DWnA
for example but I’m so exhausted from working with people that it’s so
hard to have the energy to ask people to do things for me.

positives are that I’ve made a lot of headway with My Magic Grandpa, and
my art skill has gone way up because despite everything that went wrong
this year, like Bedeviled Derpy, the move, the strain of recovery from
surgery, just… the list honestly goes on, everything this year has
felt so out of reality with time that I can’t fathom just how much
actually happened. Anyway, I pushed through and still am determined to
show MMG to a publisher in January and I’m still working on finding a
job to hold me over, I was even getting in to a groove and updating projects daily while drawing commissions on the side until my computer decided to kick the bucket.

So for the past few days now I’ve spent nearly all day fighting with my computers, and I still can’t get my art tablet working because one computer is basically dead and the other has something messed up with the graphics card that’s keeping it from working with my tablet, and it’s missing a lot of ports that I need and the screen is way too small and I just can’t work like this

So I need to get a new computer. Now, I have savings, but I’d be using a lot of what I have left and I needed some of that for Molly’s training (PTSD service dog) and a weekend off somewhere nice after the holidays are over because I’ve just had a really rollercoaster year and I need a small break that’s not obligatory so bad. Even if it’s just a weekend in Portland to immerse myself in the city and get photos for MMG it’d just be nice to get out of the apartment and spoil myself.

And without my tablet, I can’t draw, and if I can’t draw, I can’t really make money. That also means for rent too. I also need to be able to afford a cheap emergency tablet that I can use while I wait for the new computer to come in (a friend is going to build it) just so I can get some work done in the meantime with probably the simpler stuff until I can get the cintiq hooked up again.

So as a reminder, I have prints available that you can get as a holiday gift or something, all pony related, over 50 different images from multiple artists

And of course I have donation options too: 

If you want to do monthly payments, and get rewards, Patreon works for helping with rent.

For an immidiate single donation which would be for the computer and emergency tablet, you can use either my ko-fi or paypal donate links!


I know folks are probably rushing around for black Friday but reminder on this, I’m hoping to catch a good deal on computer parts either today or Cyber Monday so any purchases or donations would help

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