If you wanna see fireworks remind the elitists in a Reddit tech sub the vast majority of users exist outside their bubble when they complain something isn’t using latest and most expensive formats.

They HATE they shit.

Did they have a freakout recently or is this just general advice?

Completely accurate either way.

I got downvote bombed for pointing out 4k Blu Ray is still an enthusiast format and someone tried to argue with me it “was the standard” when someone bitched a BR set was standard FHD format instead of 4k.

When we have we $500 laptops with 4k displays and streaming sites don’t charge extra for 4k streams then you can call 4k a standard resolution and not enthusiast level.  

Fuckin beautiful

I’m like….

It may be the standard for all of you making incomes nearing the six digits and living in areas full of other upper-middle-class twits that can upgrade just for the hell of it every-time new tech comes but not for the majority of us.

I still use a 720p TV in my living room and the highest res thing in my house is the 1440p display I have for my gaming rig.

I copped shit from a co worker recently for not having a 4k monitor on my PC

all my monitors are 1080.
I mean, sure, an upgrade would be nice, but what I have works perfectly fine as-is, and upgrading is expensive.

I have a mortgage to pay, I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a new monitor when what I have already does what I need it to perfectly fine

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