25 Movie Details You Definitely Missed


In Osmosis Jones (2001) a statue of a sperm cell can be seen that is labeled Our Founder.

In Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega is constantly on the toilet. One of the side effects of heroin abuse is constipation.

For Interstellar, Christopher Nolan planted 500 acres of corn just for the film because he did not want to CGI the farm in. After filming, he turned it around and sold the corn and made back profit for the budget.

In The Movie ”Unthinkable” You See A Guy Try To Defuse A Nuclear Bomb With Excel.

In The
Lost World: Jurassic Park, the ship that brings the T-Rex to San Diego
is called the S.S Venture, which is a reference to King Kong, in which a
ship called the S.S Venture brought King Kong to New York.

If you watch the film with headphones or properly placed surround sound speakers, every time we see Baby in Baby Driver (2017) wearing only one of his headphones, you’ll hear the song he is listening to through that ear only.

In Team America: World Police, the Paris ‘set’ has a floor made of Croissants.

They couldn’t hide the camera in the doorknob’s reflection of this scene of The Matrix, so they put a coat over it and a half tie to match with Morpheus’.

This Wolverine Easter egg in the opening credits border of The Greatest Showman.

In Saving Private Ryan, a medic gets hit in the canteen. Water first starts to pour out then blood.

The Truman Show, the travel agent kept Truman waiting because she has
never needed to show up for work before. Also she is still wearing her
makeup bib since it was a rush job.

Die Hard (1988), Alan Rickman’s Petrified Expression While Falling Was
Completely Genuine. The Stunt Team Instructed Him That They Would Drop
Him On The Count Of 3 But Instead Dropped Him At 1.

‘The Avengers’, there is a small screen showing the heat signature in
the room where Loki is being held which shows that he has a cold body
temperature because he is a frost giant.

In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The White Witch’s crown melts as her power dwindles.

Farquaad kills Mama bear to use as a rug in Shrek. 

In The Avengers, Hawkeyes states that “They can’t bank worth a damn, find a right corner.” Jarvis proceeds to plot a route around a corner for Tony.

In the Last Jedi, the door for Luke’s shack is made out of a panel from his X-wing.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994), the DA who arrests the sadistic
Captain Hadley can be seen reading the Miranda rights off of a card. The
scene is set in 1966, the same year that Miranda v. Arizona court case
made the act mandatory when arresting a suspect.

The skeletons from the pool scene in Poltergeist were real, as they were cheaper than rubber skeletons at the time.

In Back to the Future, when Marty travels to the past and runs over one of the trees, the name of the mall changes. 

In “The Fifth Element,”
Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge appear to
tower above the landscape because the sea levels have dropped
significantly, with the city expanding onto the new land.

In the
Matrix, Morpheus asks Cypher for his phone, Cypher hesitates pulling his
hand out of his pocket because earlier he dumped his phone so they
could be tracked. Fortunately, Trinity immediately gives her phone to

In Django Unchained, A Man Asks Django What Is His Name Is And How It
Is Spelled. “The D Is Silent”, The Man Responds “I Know”. This Man Is
Franco Nero, The Original Django From The Original 1966 Film.

In Monster’s Inc (2001) Mike has 3 sticky note reminders to file his paperwork in his locker, which he later forgets to do, driving the plot of the movie.

In lord of the rings you can see that gandalf carries his pipe in his staff.


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