If you shoplift don’t reblog posts about respecting retail workers doing holiday seasons. 

It’s very clear you don’t respect them if you’re willing to ignore the fact that they say they risk being laid off, having fewer hours, etc. as a result of people shoplifting. You are fucking over someone’s livelihood. 

I’ve started taking photos of stolen merchandise I find around our store (empty boxes, torn open packaging, etc).

That money literally comes out of my paycheck. I’m struggling to pay my mortgage and still be able to feed myself, let alone my bills, medication, or even just A Nice Thing every once in a while.

(All of that is from two or three days, by the way. I could go on.)

If you shoplift, or condone shoplifting, go fuck yourself. Don’t fucking pretend you care about respecting me or anyone else working retail this holiday season, or ever. You clearly don’t.

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