Glittering Cloud married the love of her life and got two children in return, smdh

During their teething years (usually as little as a month after birth), I believe bat foals are very bitey, “attacking” anything put in front of their faces instinctually. Kind of like kittens play-fighting. Otter Pop is half bat, and she has fangs, so she bites things… usually Glittering Cloud, much to Glittermom’s annoyance. Half-bats are very rare, so there’s a lot of new experiences waiting for these two.
Paper grew up in the wilderness alone, so she basically knows nothing about babies anyway. They’re terrible. Whose idea were these?

To pre-empt the questions: Otter Pop is the biological daughter of Paper Stars and Glittering Cloud. She’s half-pegasus, half-bat. She is not adopted. She was conceived by magic and carried by Glitter. I won’t go into too many details there, because it’s kind of gross and not relevant to the story.

Glittering Cloud belongs to Centchi
Paper Stars and Otter Pop belong to me (taesuga)

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