Because sometimes what you need most is to be reminded that dogs and cats can be best friends. Meet Raven the Tamaskan Dog and Woodhouse the cat, a pair of interspecies BFFs who first met when Raven was just a one-month-old puppy and Woodhouse was a kitten.


“I had always wanted a dog and a cat to grow up together. It’s been like a life goal,” her owner Christina tells The Dodo. “I wanted them to be able to get along well,” Christina explains. “So I wanted her to actually meet the cat and have the cat get along with the dog as well.”

They went to an animal shelter in Lubbock, TX where Raven was presented with four kittens. Three of them paid no attention to the puppy, but Woodhouse was immediately smitten. The new pair went home together and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

You can follow their adorable lives together on Instagram.


[via Bored Panda and Twisted Sifter]


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