So, one of our newer players is super-paranoid about things being mimics. Touch something without checking it first? “Is it a mimic?” Apparently having no choice about whether or not to deal with a bridge or door? “Is it a mimic?” The DM pauses for more than two seconds after someone asks about something? “Is it a mimic?”

Anyway, he wasn’t there during our last session, and I’m planning a homebrew game that’ll start up in a couple weeks. The current DM had to take a minute to set up the map, so we were just talking.

Me: …So… out of curiosity, how mad would people be if I threw in a dungeon that was literally nothing but mimics, just to screw with [new player]?

Cleric: Wait, what?!

Gunslinger: Oh my god…

Current DM: *stops drawing and looks up to stare at me*

Me: Because I’m really fricking tempted, and I don’t want to upset anyone…

Sorcerer: So, like, the treasure chest is a mimic, and the furniture is a mimic, and…?

Me: The the bridges are mimics, the doors are mimics, the decorations are mimics, that magic sword you just found? Mimic. Pile of gold? Mimic. The key to the doors? The answer is yes. The answer is literally always yes!

Gunslinger: The entire dungeon complex? It’s a mimic!

Me: You have reached the boss chamber! The boss is its tongue!

Cleric: Do it!

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