Pay-what-you-want stream announcement


While Patreon’s good and all, I’ve set the first post to be posted in November and I am pretty much left with a number of problems which can’t be ignored.


I need to deliver a few monthly bills payment (apartment and phone) and I need to give at least some money for my next batch of medicine, cause I can’t rely on my dad anymore. I also need to do the blood tests to see if my anemia’s gotten better, but I’ve decided to put that aside and get medicine instead.

I know this is extra money and to be honest I feel really bad for having to do this while I have to do all the other stuff, but if I don’t do anything I’m gonna be screwed.


So, do you want a cute and pretty headshot for yourself like this one?

I shall be offering this kind of commission in a PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT commission stream event this weekend!

This particular headshot is for a minimum of 7$ per picture! And there’s no limit on how many you can order!

I may do other types of commissions if you ask me about them!

The stream will start on Saturday (tomorrow) at 11 am EST and will continue for as long as I can!

See ya there!~

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