My wife and I live in a suburb where you can park on the street in front of your house. Directly in front of our home, the curb is long enough to comfortably park 2 cars (if you pull all the way up to the end). 

My wife parks in our driveway, and I park on the curb, leaving room for anyone else who needs a spot. A couple months ago we got new neighbors who consistently park on the curb, right in the middle, in front of our house…which effectively takes up BOTH spots. They continued to take up both spaces Even after talking to them and politely asking them to pull up so everyone could park. Last weekend I started feeding the birds again, and REALLY seeded the berm right by the curb. The next morning their car was COVERED in birdshit.

They haven’t parked there since. Petty, but worth it. 

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