Important Information about Digital Commissions



One thing I do want to say is that I do believe in customer service. I’ve worked for the general public since I was 12, so making sure the customer is satisfied is something that I am deeply concerned for.

However, there is something I wish to point out about digital/online commissions. There is no product to return when something isn’t done correctly. There is nothing to exchange. The artist has created you something and it is yours to keep forever as long as you have the means to store it. Asking for a refund is basically paying someone to do a job, they do that job, then you tell them they didn’t do it hard enough so they aren’t getting paid. The work is there and done, it’s yours. They aren’t getting a product they can turn around and resell because it usually consists of characters that aren’t theirs to profit from. It’s just time and effort wasted on nothing where the consumer gets everything and the producer is literally left in the hole. Asking for a new picture instead of tweaking the existing one? That’s cutting the profits in half, and if they are fairly priced, at this point they are paying you to draw your commission by practically eliminating any profit margin.

I’m not trying to be accusatory and point fingers around or anything, but I ask you please take that into consideration when making a digital commission. As for artists out there, I highly recommend giving the customer water-marked WIPs in low-res formats when possible so that, at least, if the customer backs out at the last minute they aren’t left with a finished product for free.

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